Friday, July 14, 2006

So many live bands, so little time

Here's a brief live-band summary of gigs I attended over the past few days:

Fri 07/07/06: The Alarmists @ 400 Bar

The Alarmists live @ 400 Bar 7/7/06
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Have I mentioned this band on my blog before? Ha ha. Yes, the put on another great show. Love the new stuff. Can't wait for their next CD.

The Alarmists Website
The Alarmists MySpace Review

Fri 07/07/06: Kubla Khan @ 400 Bar

Kubla Khan live @ 400 Bar 7/7/06
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These guys are interesting... They have 8 band members (I think), including a horn section. I previously saw them open for The Hopefuls a while back, and didn't like 'em. I only watched their first 2 tunes this time... I still don't like 'em. Their music reminds me of Billy Joel for some reason.

Kubla Khan MySpace Review

Fri 07/07/06: The Nina! The Pinta! @ Triple Rock

The Nina! The Pinta! live @ Triple Rock
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Minneapolis' very own version of The Hives! These guys rocked.

The Nina! The Pinta! Website
The Nina! The Pinta! MySpace

Fri 07/07/06: The Umbrella Sequence @ Triple Rock

The Umbrella Sequence live @ Triple Rock
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I missed about 1/2 their set because (as usual) I was talking with various people at the gig. The 1/2 I heard was excellent, though. They're definitely very much influenced by Radiohead.

The Umbrella Sequence Website
The Umbrella Sequence MySpace

Sat 07/08/06: Duplomacy @ Turf Club

Duplomacy live @ Turf Club
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Turf Club was pretty packed; lots of audience members in skinny jeans who belonged to other bands. The music was great, really enjoyed Duplomacy. I didn't like the opening band The Deaths, though; definitely not my type of music.

Duplomacy Website
Duplomacy MySpace
2024 Records Website Review

Mon 07/10/06: The Villains Of Verona @ Varsity Theater

The Villains Of Verona live @ Varsity Theater
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The Villains delivered an energetic live set to a sparsely attended gig @ Varsity Theater. They sounded (and looked) great.

The Villains Of Verona MySpace

Tue 07/11/06: Red Fox Grey Fox @ Varsity Theater

Red Fox Grey Fox live @ Varsity Theater
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Didn't really like this local band. The music was ok, but the vocals (especially the harmonizing) were pretty poor. Not everybody can pull off Sigur Ros.

Red Fox Grey Fox MySpace

Tue 07/11/06: Every Move A Picture @ Varsity Theater

Every Move A Picture @ Varsity Theater
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They delivered a pretty good opening set for The Rakes. Too bad they sounded like The Bravery.

Every Move A Picture MySpace

Tue 07/11/06: The Rakes @ Varsity Theater

The Rakes @ Varsity Theater
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Spectacular. Definitely the best British band I've seen in a while.

The Rakes Website
The Rakes MySpace

Sorry the recaps are not more in-depth. Too much stuff going on at the moment...

Have a great weekend,
- Steve

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c said...

man, you've been busy! i like the rakes cd a lot. there are a bunch of different moods on it - it's not all one speed, but they definitely can rock out. i have to put them on my list of live bands to catch.....