Friday, April 06, 2007

Elvis Perkins / Let's Go Sailing live @ 400 Bar 4/5/07

(Let's Go Sailing)

(Let's Go Sailing)

(Let's Go Sailing)

(Elvis Perkins)

(Elvis Perkins)

(Elvis Perkins)

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How was the show? Awesome, actually. Let's Go Sailing was pretty mellow... I enjoyed them, though, their in-between-song banter was pretty funny. "Doggie-style"... ;) Trust me, you had to be there...

Elvis Perkins, who I hadn't really heard a whole lot about before, wow, him and his band were absolutely fucking great. Seriously, I'm impressed. A mixture between Dylan, Bright Eyes, and Serge Gainsbourg... pretty sweet.

Blah, blah, blah, here's a video from the show.

Elvis Perkins live @ 400 Bar 4/5/07:

I ran into loads of cool people tonight (I mean, last night). Mainly, lots of hotties from HWTS (Andrea, Jen, Stacy). They'll have way better photos and a full (proper) recap for you soon ;)

It's 2:00AM, I have to hit the rack...

Let's Go Sailing Website / MySpace
Elvis Perkins Website / MySpace


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