Wednesday, April 11, 2007

14 - 12 Days to go: Arctic Monkeys - A View From The Afternoon (live @ KCRW, 11/18/05) / Other news / Patrick Wolf

Even though the album has leaked (buy it when it comes out kids!), the countdown is still on. Wow, this KCRW performance seems ancient:

Arctic Monkeys - A View From The Afternoon (live @ KCRW, 11/18/05):

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Other info:
Arctic Monkeys Website / The Riot Van / MySpace

In Other Arctic Monkeys News:
  • The band kicked off their UK tour a few nights ago (4/9/07) in Southampton. NME has the review and setlist. Check out the last 6 tunes alone. All I can say is, wow, I can't wait for the show here. YouTube vids from the gig here.
  • Set your DVRs or check YouTube the following day: Arctic Monkeys on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday 4/26/07. More info and tickets here.
  • Chris over @ CultureBully posted mp3s of Arctic Monkeys' legendary 2006 Reading festival performance. I think I'm converting him ;)
In Non Arctic Monkeys News (yes, there is such a thing here and there on my blog):
  • Lastly, lots of press on Patrick Wolf this week... His new album The Magic Position just dropped Monday, 4/10/07 in the UK (out 5/1/07 in the US). While I haven't listened to the album yet (pathetic, I know... and I call myself a music blogger?), I love the latest single:
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position:

Mp3 here. More videos here.

Patrick Wolf Website / MySpace

The work-week is almost over, right? Have a great Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

fyi, the leak is a terrible sounding rip and one track is a live version