Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kings of Leon - Because Of The Times

Here's my CD review in 3 words: It fucking rocks. Check out some tunage from the album:

Video: Kings of Leon - On Call (my fave song at the moment):

Kings of Leon - On Call (live on David Letterman 3/28/07)
Kings of Leon - The Bucket
Kings of Leon - McFearless (AOL Sessions)

Amazon: Kings of Leon - Because Of The Times
Kings of Leon Website / MySpace

1 comment:

solace said...

this album is shite.

not that surprising, considering the band aren't that good either (mostly the singers mushmouth fault).

it's full of buttrock guitar tones & riffs

if i didn't know better, this record could have come out in 1993

they were also just terrible at the Entry a few years ago, i hope they've gotten better live since then (after touring w/ U2, Pearl Jam, & Dylan, i'd imagine they have)