Friday, October 07, 2005

More pics - ACL Day 1

Thanks to BronxByNight for his great Status Quo post! Can you believe those guys are still around!?

As I was somewhat scatter-brained (or should I say "no-brained") last night, here are some more pictures from my first day @ Austin City Limits (they have some great pictures on the offical site as well).


BronxByNight said...

Hey... great pictures...
I did see that MikeT found his old Texas-head-uniform somewhere in his locker... yihaaa don't mess with ;)
In any case, looks like seveeeere fun that ACL... I should plan on combine my next journey to the U.S. with something like that...

Refering to marriage... maan, you are not only invited... you're supposed to be our best man... sooooo you MUST come :)


BronxByNight and MissiBronx

queenvick said...

Nice update!!!! Those pictures are really great! For some reason I can't login to my account to update anything, but I'll talk to you about that later! The sunset pics are really cool...'causeI know it's not the sunrise! :)

rocknrollstar said...


1)Yeah,I'd love to have you along for a music festival sometimes!

2)Wow, best man, huh?!!! I'm feel very honored!


Are you making fun of my sleeping habits?!!!