Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Weekend in review; storm damage pics

Really not much to review regarding my weekend. Absolutely loved the extra day off! I really didn't do too much... I took some time off from going-out and live rock n roll. Instead worked on my house a little bit, watched some movies and a whole lot of sports. Both the Red Sox and Yankees lost... I guess there's always next year. Congratulations, Golden Gophers for beating Michigan! The "Brown Jug" is ours for the first time since 1986!

Since I took the weekend off from the rock n roll... I'm heading out to catch Robbers on High Street and The King of France tonight (both from NYC). I don't really know too much about either band, but it's cheap ($10) so maybe it'll be a pleasant surprise.

Here's some pictures of what the tornadoes and severe storms did to my backyard a couple of weeks ago. This happened the night before I left for Austin City Limits... it made preparing for my trip a whole lot more difficult. Cleaning up the mess took me about 4 hours that morning. The uprooted tree and large fallen branch are still the same... I have to call a tree guy for that at some point (once I have some $$$ for that). Lovely, huh?!!!

Suggestion for today: Check over to Fluxblog and download Goldie Lookin' Chain "Your Missus is a Nutter". Yes, rappers can come from Wales! Absolutely hilarious, and quite good actually!

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