Thursday, November 17, 2005

My trip to LA

Classic! These guys and gals look like they belong in a bad hip-hop video!

All photos on Flickr here. Slideshow here.

I love LA! I have to say I had a great time in the City of Angels. Here's what happened. My sister Victoria lives there. My friend Tommy, who I grew up with in Vienna joined us there with his girlfriend Veronika. Can 4 people get along like that? The answer, yes!! Here's what we did (in chronological order):

  • Checked out Queenvick's apartment. Very interesting...
  • Went to Hollywood Boulevard, looked at the "Stars", and bought souveniers. (In the rain on the first day).
  • We scored free tickets to the "Craig Ferguson" show. Amazing how Hollywood shows are made... even better, My Morning Jacket was the band we saw... amazing...Went to a Hollywood "Meet and Greet". For a Michigan Horror Movie Producer/Director... very interesting to say the least.
  • Sang Karaoke (spelling?) at the Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood. The ladies sang "99 Luftballoons (in German), and Tommy and I sang Stevie Wonder's "I just called to say I love you" (see mp3 earlier post). Classic! The crowd was diggin' it (I think???).
  • Drove up to the Hollywood hills and acted like we belong there! Even though we were in a Honda Prelude...
  • Had some "Crepes" in Santa Monica.
  • Bought "cheap tourist wear hoodies".
  • Went to "The Grove" (which is right by @#$! Farmer's Market). Tommy bought an iPod. I'm still very jelaous!
  • Took a trip to Universal Studios. I highly recommend "Shrek - 4D"!
  • Went hiking in Griffith Park, which was amazing! Got some great shots of the "Hollywood" sign!
  • Spent some time and had a really great meal at Venice Beach.
  • Saw Jeremy in "Frazzle" @ the Victory Theatre. Great show!
  • Had a few drinks at "Encounter" at LAX.
  • Tried to go to Brendan Benson @ Spaceland. Unfortunately by the time we got there it was sold out. Bummer...
  • Toured Melrose Avenue (great shopping!) and had a great lunch @ the Vienna Cafe( Wiener Schnitzel for breakfast is good!).
  • Walked a mile or two, then took a tour of the Beverly Hills and Belle Aire Mansions.
  • Witnessed a "real live" Hollywood premiere @ the AFI film festival. Yes, I saw famous people!
  • Went to Amoeba records! I could spend a day in this store...

"Thanks" go out to the following people:

  • My lovely sister Victoria for putting us up and for just being her!
  • Tommy and Veronika for being just the way they are... We'll definitely have to get together somewhere in the world in '06!
  • Jeremy (thanks for putting us up the last night), Nate, Hal, Greg, Will, and Victoria's roommate Cassy...

One of the best vacations I ever took...

Even though I love LA, I think I'm still moving to NYC next year!

I just thought of one thing... Victoria, we never went to Cher's house as you promised?! Pretty disappointing, ...sniff!?...

Well, here's an mp3 for everybody to make up for it:

mp3: Cher - Just Like Jesse James

P.S. Inside joke: "Beverllllllllllllly"!!! And where's the "Korean chick"? "She's not that hot"!???


indianatom said...

Hey man!

Sorry for not commenting earlier, but we are in a kinda "farewell" stress now! Your summary hits the nail and you have definitely chosen the picture which says it all! I totally agree: We had a perfect time! We should probably work on our singing, but apart from that we could very easily survive in LA!

rocknrollstar said...


Thanks for the comment! Call me before you leave!

Yeah, our singing sucks...