Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Weekend in Review / Interpol - Remixes

People always assume my weekends are crazy?! Yet, my last weekend was very uneventful and filled with just meeting up with family and friends. Unfortunately I didn't make it to any of the shows I meant to. Rogue Wave on Wednesday is definitely one I'm counting on though...

One of my favorite albums from 2004 was Interpol's Antics. Well, guess what, now they're bundling a 2005 re-mix album with the CD. Here's a tune from the album:

mp3: Interpol - Not Even Jail (daniel kessler remix) (follow link)

Bonus mp3s of the day:

mp3: Pet Shop Boys - Someday (from "West Side Story")
mp3: Pet Shop Boys - London (Genuine Piano Mix)

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Anonymous said...

I do believe the new issue has those sweet videos, as well. Worth it.