Thursday, November 03, 2005

The scoop today...

First off, let's comment on the picture above. I'm really into Liz Phair at the moment! No, don't worry, not the music. Yeah, I know, once again I have a problem... It's good to see a picture of a sexy young lady on my blog for a change. You can check out more on her site (or Google her name). Damn, very hot... arguably the sexiest woman in rock 'n' roll, Stellastarr*'s bassist comes close though.

Local band, Tapes 'n Tapes, has created quite a buzz on the mp3 blogs. Amazing, considering their new album "The Loon" just came out last week. You can read all about the band and download some of their mp3s at the official site, MfR, and GvB. "Insistor" is a really great tune. HowWasTheShow has a review of their CD release party @ Turf Club from last Friday. Unfortunately I missed the event as I was @ The Go! Team show and the Revolver Modele show @ Varsity Theater. One thing is for sure, they'll have a great crowd for their next gig, 12/17/05, @ 400 Bar with Vicious Vicious.

It's not too often this happens. One mp3 that "blew my socks off" today, Metric "Poster of a Girl"! Wow, I guess it must be the French lyrics in the background. I have the album, quite good I have to say. Yet another show I missed during "Rocktober"... Here's the track:

mp3: Metric - Poster of a Girl (via Veritas Lux Mea) - highly recommended!

While I'm at it, here's three other great mp3s:

mp3: The Go! Team - Ice Storm (via tmwsiy*)
mp3: The Go! Team - We Listen Everyday (via tmwsiy*)
mp3: Spoon - Everything Hits At Once (via The Bubble Death) (follow link)

I started experimenting with posting my concert photos via Flickr. Check it out, you can find pictures of The Go! Team here, and the opening bands that evening here. Not the greatest pictures of all time. I think I have to take a course in "Rock n roll photography" next! Check out these... I'm so jelaous, those are so good. Then again, that's one of the top mp3 blogs on the planet; perhaps I just need a better camera...

In personal news I conveniently forgot to mention yesterday... Yeah, the "quitting smoking" isn't going so well; actually it's not going at all. I started again about a month ago. Me bad, I know. I'll plan to quit again soon; perhaps "quitting number 4" will be the lucky one. We'll see... be nice to me on the comments, ok?!

I'll be making some changes to the site this weekend. If it looks all different, hopefully in a better way, don't worry, still good old me... updates to come soon!

Have a great Friday ya'll!

P.S. I have 58 new albums on my desktop which I'm trying to check out while posting this... crazy, I tell you! I'll post what I'm listening to soon.

P.P.S. One more great mp3 for you, from one of my favorite bands of all time... Did you hear?!Jarvis Cocker is going solo (I'm so excited):

mp3: Pulp - Razzmatazz

OK, one more, I think (maybe) I have her out of my system now:

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Anonymous said...

Go see Tapes n Tapes
They are god-like
and the Loon is the best album of the year, hands down