Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The day after tomorrow part 1

Picture of the large branch (laying horizontally)...

Man, the last two weeks have been crazy! It all came to a climax on Monday, 6/20/05, when we had some major storms here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Rain, hail, 70mph winds,... you name it... it looked like something out of "The Day After Tomorrow". My poor dog Ringo was home all alone when all this went down too (around 2pm); poor little guy...

As I have some rather large trees in my backyard I was absolutely delighted to find a rather large broken branch laying in my backyard. Really f*cking great... at least I have firewood for a while. Not only had this branch fallen, but also it cut my phone line (see picture below). Luckily I don't use a landline-phone so it really doesn't matter. However, it still looks rather bad (plus I don't know if they'll come fix it). The large branch (and other broken parts) took me a while to move back into my compost area that evening. I guess things could have been worse... it could have snapped my cable or electricy line instead.

So there you have it. It's great to be a home-owner! I absolutely love it!

P.S. Dad, I'll have to borrow the chain-saw soon!

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