Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend Rewind - Glastonbury 2005

(Pete Doherty, lead singer of Babyshambles)

Man, I had a great weekend! Glastonbury 2005 was excellent, I really enjoyed the live webcasts. I think it was actually more comfortable to catch these performances on my PC, rather than actually being there... The weather there was really bad on Friday and Saturday.

You can still catch the highlights on the bbc. Fatboy Slim's set simply blew me away... mixing "Slash Dot..." with "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes... priceless!


Metalfan said...

That festival does look pretty huge. I don't want to lesson its significance, but starting this Thursday is the largest music festival in the WORLD. Yep, Summerfest, right here in the land of beer and cheese. 11 days of sun and fun on dozens of stages. You kids can get more info at:

rocknrollstar said...

I'm willing to bet some serious money Ben Folds is playing again!!!