Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Glasto / Longwave / Lohan

A few random things today:

  • Glastonbury 2005 kicks off on Friday! Aren't you excited kids?! In case you don't know... Glastonbury is the biggest outdoor music festival held annually in Glastonbury, England. I'm not even going to attempt to name all the artist who are playing... you can check their offical website for that! On my list of "10 things to do before I die", Glastonbury ranks up there. Unfortunately I didn't work out that way this year (once again), however I am going to Austin City Limits instead. Luckily, if you can't make it to Glasto you can still watch some of the performances on "playlouder" or the "bbc". I was lucky enough to catch some of the performances last year online... This year the "online" lineup is really amazing again... Friday: Babyshambles, Bloc Party, Doves, Fatboy Slim; Saturday: The Futureheads, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand; Sunday: The La's, The Wailers, Basement Jaxx; (among others, I left a couple out). Babyshambles alone should be one of the highlights; should we make any bets what "state-of-mind" Pete Doherty" will be in?! Just make sure you allow for the time change! From Minneapolis/St. Paul, England is 6 hours ahead (others living else-where check your time-zone). Set-times haven't been posted yet, however you can bet some serious dough I'll be listening/watching at work on Friday! As for Saturday and Sunday I'll be streaming at home and enjoying on my living room stereo! Ahhh, life is good sometimes...

  • For all you local "rock n roll stars", NYC's most under-rated band, Longwave, will be playing the 7th Street Entry, arguably the best local place to see a band (but surely the hottest), this Friday, 6/24/05. Yes, these are the guys who used to have the little know band The Strokes open for them a couple of years ago! I was fortunate enough to see and meet them on their last tour, and let me tell you, they're well worth checking out! They've shuffled their line-up a bit over the last few months, however, the core members remain. It will be interesting to hear what the new album sounds like... Make sure you bring ear-plugs, as these guys like to turn the volume "way up"! Trust me... P.S. Doors 8pm, Tickets $8.00, 21+.

    Last but not least... what's up with the Lindsay Lohan obsession going on around the world? I don't get it, did I miss something? Yes, she's pretty cute... however come on, I keep reading/hearing about here like she is the resurrection of The Virgin Mary or something... I was lucky enough to catch her on Jay Leno last week and then David Letterman last night... This made it even worse,... and I still don't get it.! What's up with the "innocent good girl image"? That can't really be her, right? I guess she's filming a movie in Minnesota next (that's what she said on Letterman last night), so perhaps I'll be lucky enough to meet (whoops, I mean "shag") her soon! If you're a big fan and you're offended by this, please get a life (or let me know what I'm missing)!

Have a great day everybody, that's it for today!

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