Thursday, June 02, 2005

Me head hurts!

Wow, what a show last night! I'm paying the price for being out late on a "school night"...

Last evening a great group of friends and I checked out The Kaiser Chiefs @ First Avenue, with Amusement Parks on Fire and OKGO opening. I caught about 10 minutes of Amusement Parks on Fire as I was waiting outside the venue for my friend Mike. From what I heard, it didn't sound too bad... very loud, very "British". Reminded me a bit of Hope of the States, another band from the UK. We then headed off and spent an hour at an Irish pub across the street to meet up with some more people. After a bit of chatting we headed into the show and caught the last couple of songs of OKGO. Very interesting to say the least. They closed their set by doing a choreographed dance routine to this disco-sounding tune called "A Million Ways"... One of the funniest things I've ever seen performed live at a rock 'n roll show... Around 11:15pm Kaiser Chiefs hit the stage (their "intro" tune was the Beatles "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and my Monkey" which was brilliant)... They wasted no time and plowed through all their hits from their current album, Employment. Simply amazing of how much energy the lead singer Ricky has... It was tough to get decent photos at the show as he was constantly running and jumping around. I think he even thought about stage-diving a couple of times (however changed his mind). The band sounded great, their tunes even better live than on record. The highlights for me were "Na Na na Na Naaa", "Everyday I love you less and less", "I predict a riot", and "Oh my God".

The full setlist:
Na Na Na Naaaa
Saturday Night
Everyday I love you less and less
Born to be a dancer
I predict a riot
You can have it all
Hard Time Send me
Modern Way
Oh my God
Time Honoured Tradition

I was lucky enough to meet Ricky after the show... Very cool bloke! He told some really funny stories about hanging out with Damon Albarn and Liam Gallagher...

All in all, brilliant night! Great show and great friends... It makes a good combination.

P.S. So I just re-read this post... it almost sounds like I'm a groupie of the band and obsessed with the lead singer... don't worrry I'm not! The band and lead singer are no Clay Aiken yet!

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