Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Mink!

Photo courtesty of me!

Friday night the local (ex)band "Walt Mink" rocked the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis. In case you're not familiar with the band, they were rather popular in the early ninetees in Minneapolis and re-united on this evening only for the filming of a documentary. You can read more about the documentary and filming here, or visit their offical website for more info here.

What can you say about this show?... Unbelievable! What a crowd, the Triple Rock was not even that packed for M83. I have to admit I only got into this band a couple of months ago through a buddy (as I was studying @ UMD in the early 90's). However, from what I've heard, hopefully they'll re-unite for good as their sound could really fit in with what's happening in music at the moment...

P.S. Thanks Ryan!

P.P.S. Funny thing #1 about the show. As I had snuck in my camera (as usual) and they were filming and photographing this event for the documentary... People actually thought I was with the crew when I was running around and taking pictures! This was great! I'd love to do that for a living... of course, in addition to my "freelance reporting" for the Minneapolis Star Tribune!

P.P.P.S. Funny thing #2 about the show. I met a lot of really interesting people at this event. I wore my "God Bless Bloc Party" show that evening... you know how many people thought I had gotten that shirt at the Basilica Block Party? Unbelievable to compare the Biscilica Block Party with a great British band!

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