Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Danse, danse, danse


You know I love Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy". The following is quickly becoming my other favorite "danse" tune of the summer:

mp3: Prototypes - Danse Sur La Merde A+

Do check out more tunes from Prototypes (yes, they're French):

Protypes Website
Protoypes MySpace
Their US Label: Minty Fresh Website
Their US Label: Minty Fresh MySpace

Other stuff I found interesting:

> Mark these local shows down on your calendar:

Kasabian - 10/5/06 Fine Line Music Cafe
YouTube: Kasabian - "Empire"

Amy Millan (Stars, BSS) - 9/29/06 Turf Club
YouTube: Amy Millan - "Baby I"

> Borat's MySpace
"I want meet nice western girlies for chitchat and sexytime - preference lady with yellow hairs, with plough experience and little or no history of retardation in family. I would like to meet you and make romance inside you."
> I wish Razorlight would tour with Kasabian. Come on, Razorlight & Keane on tour... that's just plain wrong.

mp3: Razorlight - America
YouTube: Razorlight - "In The Morning"

> Create fake concert tickets.

> Perhaps the City Pages' new music editor can tell me what happened to my "Picked to Click" ballot?!

> MP3 bloggers and peeps involved in the music-biz should check out the Music Blogger Community.

> Silversun Pickups played an amazing gig here with the Alarmists recently, and:

On The Current
On WOXY 8/9/06 (So Much Silence)
Live in Chicago
An Ode To Silversun Pickups

> Stop whispering, start crunking.

> Dirty Pretty Things were on David Letterman last night, and:

live in NYC
live in Chicago
YouTube: Dirty Pretty Things - I Get Along - Bowery Ballroom
YouTube: More Dirty Pretty Things live

> David Letterman on Monday: "Danger Mouse, always a pleasure!" made my roommate and I laugh out loud.

> "Summer 2K6: It’s All Worldbeat To Me (compiled by DJ Adidas1)" is still up. Do check it out...

> And coz' I totally agree with Jax:

Have a nice day, I'm done.

Je m'entends...
- Steve


KBNewsweek said...

Newsweek wants to know:

Should KISS be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

c said...

c wants to know, why is kiss blog spamming steve?

also, i totally agree on razorlight, obvs.....why they would tour with keane is beyond me.

rocknrollstar said...

kbnewsweek: "No". Kiss sucks.

C: Again, right on. Razorlight & Keane just ain't right. Jesus, don't get me started on Keane... "orrible"

- Steve