Friday, August 18, 2006

Weekend Spotlight: Ghostland Observatory

Rock Insider turned me onto this duo from Austin, Texas, last week. Ghostland Observatory consists of vocalist/guitarist Aaron Behrens and producer/beat-maker Thomas Turner. Musically they mix electronica, rock, and funk reminiscent of such artists as Daft Punk or Prince.

mp3: Ghostland Observatory - Sad Sad City
mp3: Ghostland Observatory - Piano Man

The band will be in town this weekend for a couple of gigs:

Friday, 8/18/06 - Varsity Theater
Woody McBride with Dance Band,TV Crush, and a surprise band from Austin, TX
8:30pm, 18+, $8/$10
(Ghostland Observatory is the "surprise band")

Saturday 8/19/06 - The Soap Factory
Sound Unseen Dance Party
9:00pm, 21+, $15.00 (includes complimentary drinks)

They'll also be performing in-studio on the Current this afternoon.

Ghostland Observatory Website
Ghostland Observatory MySpace

Loads more great events happening this weekend; check the HowWasTheShow Calendar for more info.

Enough of my ranting and raving for the week. I'm off to pick up my sister from the aiport. Also, I get to house and doggie-sit over at my Mom's house the next few days.

My roommate told me earlier today "Dude, you gotta' post this!" OK, here you go:

mp3: Paul Oakenfold Feat. Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat (2006 Club Mix)

I'm outta' here, have a great weekend!

- Steve


amy said...

The Ghostland show @ the Varsity was absolutely amazing!

Taylor said...

I looked around, but didn't see you at the SU party last night. Did you make it?

rocknrollstar said...

I'm sure both events were great, sorry I had to miss 'em. Was stuck in Oakdale taking care of 2 dogs and a cat. Now that's rock 'n roll ;)

- Steve

c said...

the ghostland observatory vocals sound very much like the rapture. i like 'em.