Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Look! A Shiny Thing!

Hello all. The Rock'n'Roll Star has asked me, as a fellow band member, to contribute a summer mix for your listening pleasure. I have to say it is way intimidating to follow the most EXCELLENT mix by Adidas1, but I'll give it a whirl.

So The Rock'n'Roll Star is the new music expert. Adidas1 is the Worldbeat and Hip-Hop master. What do I know? Well, give a listen and leave a comment, because I have no idea. I think I like driving guitars and shiny pop, but it's still pretty much a mystery to me. The songs below are a cross-section of what I've been listening to all summer.

A few miscellaneous bits:
  • The Horrors (track 2) are the most excellent (now unfortunately defunct) garage-esque band from Iowa, not the current NME whores of the same name who are no talent ass clowns whose music sucks (yes, I have an opinion on them).
  • Pick up the disc by South, "Adventures In The Underground Journey To The Stars". It is quite good.
  • I don't know why Earl Brutus never got any love, but I find them to be top shelf.
  • I know they are now simply "The Hopefuls". My cd cover says "Olympic" and I'm sticking to it. Dear USOC, "Up Yours".
  • Yes, I like some bubblegum. I understand and accept all mockery directed toward me at the inclusion of The Primitives and Bunnygrunt. I have no defense.
Happy listening!


01 - The Stands, "Soon Come"
02 - The Horrors, "Briar Patch"
03 - The High Fidelity, "Addicted To A TV"
04 - The Primitives, "Dizzy Heights"
05 - Oxford Collapse, "Prop Cars"
06 - Olympic Hopefuls, "Holiday"
07 - Apples In Stereo, "Do You Understand?"
08 - The Duke Spirit, "Stubborn Stitches"
09 - Blue Van, "Product of DK"
10 - The Librarians, "Too Fat To Frug"
11 - Bunnygrunt, "Superstar 666"
12 - Buzzcocks, "Ever Fallen In Love"
13 - Donovan, "Barabajagel"
14 - Chapterhouse, "Don't Look Now"
15 - Earl Brutus, "Midland Red"
16 - The Sun, "Valentine"
17 - South, "A Place In Displacement"
18 - Kings Of Leon, "The Bucket"
19 - Dirty Pretty Things, "Last Of The Small Town Playboys"
20 - Drugstore, "Say Hello"
21 - Mike Doughty, "Looks"

1 comment:

rocknrollstar said...

Dude, awesome mix! Thanks for the post. You and Brian have set the bar pretty high for me ;) Damn, I may just have to revise my mixtape for the 10th time...

You and your mix are definitely tough to classify... I think I'd call you the "Music Connoisseur". How does that sound?

- Steve