Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wolf Parade live @ First Avenue 8/9/06

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Get this... I got home @ 3:30 AM. I hung out with everybody in Wolf Parade (including Spencer), Frog Eyes (including the hot drummer), and even Of Montreal.

I could explain further, but I'm way too tired. Check this shitty video out:

More to come when it's not 4:45am,

- Steve


solace said...

you crazy bastard ;)

sounds like fun, but the show was already late enough for me as is :)

Neil! said...

i hate you. Spencer on the street!?

JORGY said...

AH YESH spencer playing a little tune on the curb with his keyboard then gunning steve down HAHHAH

and me and my big mouth and the touchy hot hot heat subject

that was pretty wild 3am no one else around but conrad and his evil stair / little hair

Anonymous said...

er... stare...

and yes that drummer for froggi was hott (she was the lead singers WIFE! oh god!)

Darren said...

Both Wolf Parade and Frog Eyes did an excellent job. Was it just me, or did the audience seem a little confused through most of Frog Eyes' set? Ah. Might you have a WP set list, Steve?