Thursday, August 03, 2006

Husky Rescue / Elanors

I'll let you guess if last night's show was great or not:

More to come on that subject later. In the meanwhile, Gnarls & Raconteurs were hanging out last night in the same place.

Via Stereogum, if Raconteurs play this tonight I may just go "crazy":

mp3: Raconteurs - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover - live 7/23/06 San Francisco)

It's really late and I have a dentist appointment later. I better go to bed. See you at the Jack/Brendan/Greenhornes gig tonight.

- Steve


c said...

that cover is rad. hope they play it for you at the show. first the dentist, then jack white. someone is going to have a headache tonight ;)

beth said...

i took that picktre!

rocknrollstar said...

C: Ha ha, yeah you may be absolutely right...

Beth: I love that photo! Thanks again... Great to meet you.

- Steve