Monday, August 14, 2006

Silversun Pickups / The Alarmists / Fiasco & Wyatt live 8/12/06

Hope everybody had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty nice and mellow. Saturday kinda' rocked:

I started out the night with dinner @ Champps downtown hanging out with some friends to celebrate my buddy Matt's birthday. We had a great time. Loads of bachelorette parties dropping by there... good scenery to say the least.

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After Champps we all had seperate plans. I headed over to 7th Street Entry around 10:15pm and got there just in time to watch The Alarmists. I missed the opening band Shoveldance, but they were kind enough to give me their EP so I'll definitely check them out again soon. The Alarmists seemed a bit nervous before starting their set, but by the middle of their first song were back to regular excellent form.

(Silversun Pickups) Flickr photos / slideshow

7th Street Entry had a great crowd and was almost sold-out. Seems that Shoveldance and The Alarmists had brought in quite a few fans. Silversun Pickups started punctually right around 11:30pm and opened with "Melatonin". They continued to race through their excellent debut album. My personal favorites were "Little Lover's So Polite" and "Lazy Eye".

As predicted, the volume was extremely high. Didn't help I practially stood on the stage. The band and audience really fed off each other. Guitarist/singer Brian Aubert has a lot of charisma and kept the audience amused by dropping "Purple Rain" references in-between songs. The energy was definitely there. Talking with the band afterwards they even told me that they felt this was one of their best shows on tour. Great stuff, check them out a venue near you soon.

(Silversun Pickups)

After hanging with The Alarmists and friends for a little while I decided I better go check out the Johnny Fiasco and Marques Wyatt DJ gig @ Foundation. I got there pretty late, around 1am, but I still managed to catch Johnny Fiasco on the turntables. I was pretty amazed by how tight his set was. The crowd was dancing up a storm. He even mixed in Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy". I don't go to a whole lot of electronica events, so I think I stood out there a little bit. Who else wears earplugs in a club? Yeah, I'm a dork... then again, I do like my hearing.

(Marques Wyatt, Johnny Fiasco, and Myself)
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I met a really nice guy at the DJ gig who snapped some pictures and emailed them to me. All the Fiasco / Wyatt shots come courtesy of him, Thanks again, buddy! Also, for all things DJ, and coming events check out MNVibe.

(Johnny Fiasco)

That about sums it up. Bar-close at 2AM downtown Minneapolis is still fucking insane. Fights, alcohol overdoses, people exposing themselves, etc... Entertaining to say the least, in a Girls Gone Wild or The Real World kind of way.

Slow week ahead for live-shows, I don't think I have any on the calendar. Kind of nice for a change, actually.

2 more things:

1) I met a really nice fellow music lover, Kate, at 7th Street Entry. She also has some great pictures of the Alarmists and Silversun Pickups.

2) I snapped some photos with David's camera for Hope they turned out ok. I'm not used to working with actual decent equipment. Look for them on the site at some point soon.

Have a nice Monday.

- Steve


will0957 said...

got a few pictures from the show as well.


silversun pickups:

great show :)

rocknrollstar said...

Will0957: Great shots! And yeah, I agree, great show...

- Steve