Wednesday, July 13, 2005


(OK Go, @ First Avenue, 6/1/05)
Interesting Wednesday here today, here are some updates:
  • Thanks to my friend DJMikeT for heads-up on this one... As you may know I saw the Kaiser Chiefs about a month ago, 6/1/05, opening band were the Chicago band called "OK Go", which were quite brilliant. Their closing routine, a choreographed dance-number to Dirty Vegas' "A Million Ways" was absolutely hilirious! Well, DJMikeT found the video online of them doing this... check it out here... Classic! It takes a little while to load, so be patient...

  • DJMikeT (who should really join this blog) also alerted me to this one. The Kaiser Chiefs' set-time @ Austin City Limits got changed from Friday @ 1:30pm to Sunday 3:30, putting them at the same time as The Bravery! Bastards! This is going to be a tough choice... hopefully they're done changing things... I don't want to see Oasis vs Coldplay anytime soon... I'm happy as long as Kasabian shows up, however...

  • If you live anywhere close to Chicago, you should check out the "Intonation Music Festival" this weekend... At least I would... $22.00 for a two-day pass, that's unbelievable!

  • How weird is this? So I change the description of my blog (the line underneath "Rock 'n' Roll Star) every time I post an entry... This week I've totally been stuck on lyrics by Pulp... then news came out today on NME that JC (Jarvis Cocker, lead singer of Pulp) may be appearing or playing live at the event "London United"! Bloody brilliant, therefore I'll continue the "Pulp references" for the rest week... plus, I'm making Pulp the website of the week (what remains), I'm sure Robbie won't mind! of the most under-rated bands from the early 90's brit-pop revolution, don't you think?

  • This is related to music somehow... Please help me boycott "Reality TV"! I caught the last 15 minutes of "Rock Star: INXS" (no hyperlink for that one) tonight (even though I vowed not to, in an earlier post)... Wow, this show is pretty bad, as Noel Gallagher would put it "absolutely fookin' 'orrible, gov'nor"!. Please everybody, quit watching reality TV! Once the ratings go down that will be the end... For you people outside the US, you're quite lucky! At least in Canada you can get the CBC! I have 300 channels + on my cable system, but not one from Canada or Europe...

  • In other news: 1) Queenvick is driving from NYC tomorrow (7/14/05) up to the land of Rock Snob, yes, Toronto, Canada, for a financial seminar; 2) We have a couple of new members on this blog, namely "Deathblow" (that's a "Seinfeld" reference, not a heavy-metal-band)...very cool... I'm sure they'll introduce themselves very soon...

  • Before I go... one of my favorite shows is on hiatus right now "Real Time With Bill Maher" on HBO (yeah, I'm an HBO snob by the way). I love when he does "new rules", can't wait until the show returns on August 19, 2005! In the meanwhile I figured I'd leave you with one of his new rules (you can check all of his new rules right here, they're pretty brilliant):

New Rule: Just because your tattoo has Chinese characters in it doesn't make you spiritual. It's right above the crack of your ass. And it translates to "beef with broccoli." The last time you did anything spiritual, you were praying to God you weren't pregnant. You're not spiritual. You're just high.

P.S. I just got done watching the "Shout Out Louds" from Sweden on both "Late Night w/David Letterman" and "Jay Leno". I think that's the first time I've ever seen that... same band on both shows, pretty much at the same time (I know the time change from west coast to east coast)... Luckily I taped both (they played different tunes)... In related news... yes, Katie Holmes was on David Letterman as well... she's actually somewhat normal, surprisingly! Insert you favorite Tom Cruise joke here!


Metalfan said...

Good updates, Rock Star.
I hate to be the one to defend reality TV, but...I don't get HBO, so it's either reality TV or all the lame dramas and comedies that are on basic cable. I'm not a big INXS fan, but you shouldn't judge the show on the last 15 minutes from yesterday. Out of the 14 remaining singers, they took the 3 with the lowest votes and had them sing for one "last chance". Basically, you caught the 3 worst singers. The first couple shows were decent - there is a black guy with a mowhawk who I think may win, very strong voice and stage presence.
All for now...keep an eye out for a good local show on Aug 6. Metalfan may be up for an Ozzfest appetizer.

rocknrollstar said...


I know I have a problem... I'm a total "HBO snob", sorry!

Yep, I'll keep an eye out for a good local/national show on 8/6/05!