Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Rockin' the suburbs", not too much longer...

Since I've given you quite a bit of music news and live show reviews here lately we'll change things up a little bit for today. Here's what's going on:

  • For those of you in NYC! Ex-Minneapolis band Shadow Box will be playing @ The Coninental, Tue 7/26/05. You can also check pictures and video from their last gig on their website. I'm not even sure why I keep promoting these guys, the video from the (Arlene's Grocery) gig is 15 seconds of shite...

  • I picked up some new CD's last weekend. Yeah, I spent way too much money...

Spoon - Kill the Moonlight
Spoon - Gimme Fiction
Arcade Fire - Arcade Fire (EP)
The Raveonettes - Pretty in Black
Longwave - There's a Fire
Radio 4 - Stealing of a Nation

Any locals need a copy? Let me know...

In more personal non-music news...

  • I've been going back-and-forth on this one... However, I think I've decided to sell my house in the suburbs, late this summer or early fall! It's just way too big for me (like 2000 square feet on 3 floors). I'm so sick of home-improvement! I think 2.5 years of that shite is enough... Plus, I'm not a suburban guy... It's damn lonely and boring out here! We'll see where the road takes me next... My top choices right now are: a) Condo in Minneapolis, downtown; b) NYC; c) Boston; d) Move back to Europe; e) Move to Canada; f) Move to under-neath a bridge somewhere (perhaps with Pete Doherty)? I'll keep you updated...

  • As promised last week here's my full interview with "Rock 'n' Roll Dog", aka Ringo, from last week! I decided not to edit it any form as I hate the FCC ... Enjoy ...(RRS = Me, RRD = Ringo)....

RRS: So Ringo, what's going on, are you having a good summer?
RRD: I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love summer! Yeah, it's pretty bloody hot but then again... you're nice enough to play outside with me when you get home... I love it, very different from the time of year when it gets dark outside at 4pm and it's damn cold!

RRS: Yes, I agree. Now that you're 1.5 years old in human-years, any major life changes?
RRD: Well... In my first year of life I noticed you didn't like it a lot when I shit and urinated in the house... Now I do that stuff outside... that's what you want, right? The other things I've learned are how to catch a frisbee, catch and retrieve a ball, become a watch-dog, bark at the neighbors, and beg for food. I think my resume is stellar!

RRS: OK, let's not go that far... Yeah, you've been a good boy lately... Let's switch gears here a little bit... What's going on in your love-life lately?
RRD: Cum' on Steve, what kind of question is that? You remember taking me to the Vet to have me neutered about a year ago, right? I miss my balls! The real question is... how's your love-life? Pretty pathetic from what I see around here... And I mean that in a good way!

RRS: Ringo, ahhh that hurts.... I'm the guy asking questions here by the way... So you're anti-relationships?
RRD: No not at all, life is like "catching a frisbee", sometimes you catch it, sometimes you don't...

RRS: Wow, that's pretty wise... How do you feel about the recent "Work Flow Software", "Open Sourcing", "Outsourcing", "Offshoring", "Supply Chaining", "Insourcing", and "In-forming" going into the 21st century?
RRD: Again, life is like "chasing a ball or catching a Frisbee"... most of the time you catch it and sometimes you don't... What the fuck kind of question is that, what's your problem?

RRS: Sorry Ringo, I've been reading too much of "The World is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman! You want to talk "music" instead?
RRD: Yes, please!

RRS: What's on your mind music-and-entertainment -wise?

  • 1) I'm sick that the Libertines broke up, and still can't believe Pete Doherty gets all the press! What about Carl?
  • 2) I really like the new Coldplay record! In non-related new album news I've learned how to bark "Yellow" for future karaoke gigs!
  • 3) You're a pretty cool guy for all this new music stuff you keep playing every day.
  • 4) Is Paris Hilton's dog single?
  • 5) Off the track here... What's this city "NYC" you keep talking about? Is that ouside of "New Brighton"?

RRS: Yes, Ringo, the answer to question number 5... it's ouside of New Brighton, however not that much different!??? I'm sure you'd adapt pretty quickly... "Pissing" on the sidewalk there is considered normal, even for humans!
RRD: Wow, that's cool! We should move there ASAP!

RRS: Anything else on your mind before we go?
RRD: I'm just happy you named me after a band-member of the Beatles, not a piece of fruit! Being a house-dog is pretty cool, in your next re-incarnation maybe you'll be as lucky as me! Then again, you're atheist, so you'll probably come back as a frog!?

RRS: Yes, probably... I wouldn't mind coming back as "frog"!
RRD: I was just kidding! You'll do very well in this life and the next... After all, I depend on you!

RRS: That concludes the inteview with Ringo! His agent is telling me/waving me "No more Questions"!


Rock Snob said...

Come to Canada and we'll hang out.

rocknrollstar said...

I may just take you up on that...

Thanks for cheering me up for today, Miss Valerie!