Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Sights/Caesars live

Here are a couple of photos and a very brief review of the "The Sights", "Caesars" gig from last Monday, 7/18/05, @ Quest Ascot room. I missed the set by "The Golden Republic"...

1) The Sights

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, this power-trio (guitar/keyboard/drums) put on an amazing performance! Their live sound is very loud and jamming... reminded me a lot of "The Hiss"... meets "Led Zeppelin". Things that stood out for me:

These guys are very young.
These guys are very loud.
These guys are very talented.
The B3 Hammond Organ can successfully be used to replace a bass.

You can stream The Sights' (as well as Golden Repuclic's) Monday afternoon interview/live performance from The Current's studios here. Well worth checking out...

2) Caesars

Even if you've never heard of the band, I guarantee you've heard their tune "Jerk It Out", as featured in the iPod shuffle commercial. If you haven't, go back to your "cave"!?

Hailing from Sweden (not NYC as I thought at the show) the band put on a very good set. Great lighting, great music, great background pictures/video. It all sounded very "80ish" to me...

The most shocking things about both bands, really, was of how few people attended this gig. There were probably no more than 50 people there during the Sights, and around 100 for Caesars. Then again... this made it more intimate for the select few who were there. If you have a chance to catch either band on tour, I highly recommend it...

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