Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blues Power @ Middle-Of-Nowhere

It's time for a new report from the frontline of music here in Germany.

Yesterday we made a spontaneous trip to a gig of a band named BluesPower (German webpage). The gig was literally in the middle of nowhere close Brunswick, Germany.

Being in the middle of nowhere, I didn't really expect too much, it's not Chicago here, you know - but: Hell, I was wrong.

This was probably the best live-Chicago-Blues I ever listened to! Close your eyes and you think Jake and Elwood were around. Not only that those guys did make great music, they still had some "resources" available for a great show, playing with the crowd and fooling around.

Conclusion: Great show, great band. So blog comunity: Spread the news, I wanna see them on a U.S. tour!!!

For the time being, two songs I found on their webpage:
mp3: Can't be satisfied (live)
mp3: At your service

I try to get their CD's for more international sampling...

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rocknrollstar said...


Sweet man, thanks for the music post! I shall investigate the tunes you posted and let you know what I think...

I'm at work at the moment; more to come later!

Thanks again for the post!!!