Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Weekend in review etc. / The Killers (?)

My life has been sooooo hectic since last Thursday, but I figured I'd give you an update anyway:

Friday. Hmmm, I hardly remember... I've been training one of my co-workers on new duties since Thursday, so by the time I got home Friday I was totally wiped. I had some dinner and crashed on my couch. All of a sudden, when I woke up, it was 2:30am. Exciting night, huh?

Saturday. My sister, Queenvick's, last night in town, before she headed back to sunny LA. Met up with some really good friends, namely Dawn, Nate, and Alicia, and had a great time @ BW2. I went over to Big 10 Bar after... not much has changed there. Molly, you're still my favorite waitress in Mpls/St. Paul, though!

Sunday. Chilled, watched some football (and I'm not even a football fan). Had some pizza with my parents and sister. I did deliver an early Christmas gift to my sister... 20 mp3 CDs with some of the music she had requested from my CD collection (in addition to some of my recommendations). Total, it came out to 230 albums... Crazy, huh???! I think she has enough new music for a while...

Yesterday was pretty hectic again; you could say it sucked... it's all good though.

Switching over to music stuff. Two of the bands I really used to like when they first came out: The Killers and The Bravery. God, these guys suck! I kind of dislike/hate them now (mainly because I dislike the lead singers and most of their music)... and that goes after I watched them before the became "famous" and played huge venues (The Killers opened for Stellastarr* at 7th Street Entry a while ago). Well, anyway, the "Limited Edition" version of Hot Fuss came out a while ago. Turns out I kinda' like the "Glamorous Indie Rock 'n Roll" tune; so, for all of you how don't own the "limited edition" I'll post the 3 tunes you're missing from the regular album:

mp3: The Killers - Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll
mp3: The Killers - The Ballad Of Michael Valentine
mp3: The Killers - Under The Gun

Enjoy... and that's my post on "bands who I used to like, but don't like any more 2005"...

np: Sigor Ros - Takk


Anonymous said...

you're right, both bands suck, but the Bravery suck even more :)

as for Indie Rock N' Roll, it was also on the UK version of Hot Fuss, thank god they took it off the US version, that song is about as bad of indie cliches as you can get.

i will say that Under The Gun is prolly their best song though.

rocknrollstar said...

Hmmmm, maybe I was a bit too harsh on these two bands last night?! Can you tell I wasn't in the best of moods? I guess that happens sometimes...

c said...

totally agree on the bravery, meh, they'll just disappear, but the killers, at least peeps will want to hear what they come up with for their next album. i mean, even if it gets hated on, i think people will be interested, cause brandon flowers is not going away quietly, that's for sure. thanks for the tracks.