Friday, December 02, 2005

A lot of stuff to cover today...

Melanie & Tom

Folks, how are you? I have a lot of stuff to cover today, very little time, so let's get started:

I tell you this music blogging thing is absolutely crazy! It's changing the whole way the music industry is operating. You want proof? Go here. Big Record Companies ( Sony, Capitol, etc.), you better get with the times, 'cause the times they are changing!

Speaking of blogging... I'm finally trying to network a bit more with the other local bloggers! For example, see the new "local" bloggers section in the right-side-bar. Also, a message to all of the other local bloggers, should we have a "get-together" sometime? I think we should. Perhaps at local restaurant/pub? Let me know what ya'll think. Email me, or leave it in the comments. I'd love to meet the actual people behind some of these blogs sometime...

I actually have Friday off work! Very weird. The reasons for this are: 1) My sister Victoria is coming in from LA this @#$ morning @ 5:15am, and I'm picking her up at the airport; 2) After that we're heading up to Fargo (yes, Fargo) for my cousin Melanie's wedding.

Speaking of the wedding. (Early) Congratulations to Melanie and Tom! In their honor here's the most beautiful love song of all time:

mp3: Motley Crue - 10 Seconds To Love

OK, just kiddin'

Here's something more romantic for them:

mp3: Stars - Calendar Girl (one of my fav's 2005) (another link here)

I'm off to Fargo on Friday, so no post this evening. I'm planning a "short DJ set" (about 15 minutes) at the wedding (dependent on how drunk the regular DJ is, or I am). Can you say "Arctic Monkeys"... I know you can. Let's hope I don't get thrown out of the festivities...

Ya'll have a great weekend!

P.S. Yes, you'd look good on the dancefloor!


David said...

Hey got your link added to the blog list today! Thanks for the links. Nice meeting you at Roguewave also. - David

rocknrollstar said...

Thanks David, I appreciate it!

queenvick said...

Hey! Where are the updates of the weekend?? You think you can be a lazy slacker? :) Ha!