Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last Christmas

Ringo wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

Did you know I have a very special connection to the Wham! song "Last Christmas"?

Yes/No, it doesn't matter! Here's the greatest "pop" Christmas tune ever made:

mp3: Wham! - Last Christmas

And a couple of cover versions, that "try" to come close:

mp3: Jimmy Eat World - Last Christmas
mp3: Pas/Cal - Last Christmas

I'll be putting out my 2005 Christmas Holdiday Newletter on this site later on this week. For anybody who read my 2004 email, it will be somewhat similar. I'll summarize my 2005 life: private, work , music, lists, etc... In other words, it will be fairly shocking to most of you, trust me.

Bonus, just coz' the guy is amazing:

mp3: Louis Armstong - White Christmas


Anonymous said...

I like the Pas/Cal version best! Very original take I think.

c said...

the wham tune is at least in my top 5 faves for christmas. back in the day, i totally liked andrew ridgeley more than george michael...scary stuff.

rocknrollstar said...


Yeah, who didn't?!!!

rocknrollstar said...


You gots good taste... the original is still best in my mind, though...