Friday, June 16, 2006



Music-wise, we're so lucky here in Minneapolis / St. Paul. So many great bands are making the rounds here at the moment, no wonder Tapes 'n Tapes didn't "catch on" for a while locally. One of these new cool bands is Duplomacy. I think you'll like 'em, I really do.

Here's what HowWasTheShow had to say:

Duplomacy plays with a rare calm and slow beauty that I have not heard for a long time…(they) play off of each other in an almost orchestral way. The song layering and transitions are reminiscent of the Beatles…While sounding very different, Duplomacy’s songs do have a similar dreamlike introspective beauty to some of REM’s earliest work. And their use of minor keys always gets me.

Personally, I think they sound like Death Cab For Cutie minus the "wussiness", mix in a little Pavement, add a bit of Wolf Parade and Dinosaur Jr, and there you go. Highly recommended for fans of bands afore mentioned and: Low, Band of Horses, Xiu Xiu, Tapes ‘n Tapes, Head of Femur, Headphones, Kid Dakota, Happy Apple, etc...

Here's a couple of mp3s for you:

mp3: Duplomacy - Stars
mp3: Duplomacy - Coppertone

Their new album "All These Long Drives" mixed by by Brad Kern (Semisonic, Dan Wilson, The Hang Ups, The Owls) drops 7/11/06 via 2024 Records and will be availabe available via their website soon.

Duplomacy will be performing live @ 5th Annual Square Lake Solstice Music & Fim Festival this Saturday, 6/17/06, in Stillwater, MN, along such great other acts as Low, The Deaths, Happy Apple, and many others.

I'd love to go to the festival above, however, I have US World Cup Soccer duties to attend to Saturday. Therefore, I'll check them out for their official CD release party w/ with The Deaths and Askeleton on 7/8/06 @ Turf Club. I think you should too.. In the meanwhile you can become their friend on MySpace...

Duplomacy Offical Site
Duplomacy MySpace
2024 Records Site

In other news:

Babes of the World Cup:

More here (sfw). Saturday @ 2:30pm I'll be @ Brits Pub. If you'd like to see me in "hooligan" action, you should come. Any other local footbol fans out there? Where are you watching the game? You should join me...

I'll leave you with Lily Allen's first single "Smile". Unfortunately her video was just removed from YouTube (thanks RIAA, you know how to promote artists so well), so here's her Top of the Pops peformance. Awesome...

Have a great weekend!

- Steve


Dodge said...

holy shnikies! these brazilian female fans are redonkulous. i'm in love.

F.J. Delgado said...

I echo the affection for the Brazilian hotties!

I'll look into Dumplomacy... any band that gets compared to R.E.M. gets my attention.

rocknrollstar said...

I second and third the comments regarding the Brazilian World Cup fans... Sweden is close #2...

Thanks for the comments, yo!

- Steve

Darren said...

Fans of Xiu Xiu are ideal candidates for Duplomacy? Really? Good music all around for sure, but I find that to be a bit of a stretch. =)