Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lupe Fiasco

(Lupe & Jigga)

I've mentioned I have a roommate before, right? His name is Brian, and he's the DJ of this blog, aka Adidas1. He's got a serious music/cd-buying addiction problem... which is great for me! He introduces me to so much great house / hip-hop / electronica music everyday, it's unbelievable.

The past few weeks I've heard a lot of Lupe Fiasco coming out of his room. Check this Chicago guy out! He might just be the next big thing in hip-hop. His album was supposed to come out a couple of weeks from now... unfortunately, it leaked on the interweb (don't you hate that) and he's going back in the studio to add some tunes (source). According to Amazon the album Food and Liquor drops 8/8/06. Anyway, check out the excellent first single, "Kick Push" on YouTube (RIAA has been all over posting this mp3):

Awesome, I love it... so smooth. One of the 2006 Summer tunes of the year. Remember: Skateboarding is not a crime!

Lupe Fiasco Official Site
Lupe Fiasco MySpace

- Steve

P.S. Brian could have posted this himself if: a) He wasn't so damn internet shy? b) He didn't forget his blogger login... Whatever ;) We'll try to resolve these "technical difficulties" ASAP...

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