Friday, June 30, 2006

June 2006 Rewind

Conducting business @ Venice Beach 6/1/06

As part of my job in banking, on the last business day I have to prepare all sorts of monthly reports and statistics. I actually like doing things of that sort, so I thought I'd try to do a summary of all the action on this site for the month of June, just in case you missed anything:


06.06.06 I love LA
06.07.06 Arctic Monkeys / WAS live @ Wiltern LG, Los Angeles, 6/3/06
06.07.06 Stream Lady Sovereign live on KEXP today
06.08.06 Laugh Now, Cry Later
06.09.06 The Alarmists / White Light Riot
06.12.06 The Alarmists / White Light Riot / Low Lustre live @ Varsity Theater 6/9/06
06.13.06 Pontiac Solstice commercial
06.14.06 I'm your private dancer
06.15.06 To be someone
06.15.06 Lupe Fiasco
06.16.06 Duplomacy
06.17.06 USA vs Italy
06.19.06 Stream mp3s
06.20.06 I like Chopin
06.21.06 The Strokes - You Only Live Once
06.21.06 What the fook Andy?
06.22.06 Wish You Were Here
06.23.06 Time For Heroes
06.23.06 Pet Shop Boys Announce North American Tour!
06.26.06 We Are Scientists / Fiery Furnaces / Radio 4 live Friday 6/23/06
06.27.06 SOUND team / Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin live @ 400 Bar 6/26/06
06.28.06 Morgan Page
06.29.06 Robotboy / Halloween, Alaska
06.29.06 Tripwire Charts
06.30.06 Gnarls Barkley @ First Avenue

Total Posts: 25
Avg per day: 0.83

(sorry, due to server limitations, some of these are not live anymore; "last call" on the ones that are left... they'll be gone soon)

The Alarmists - She Will Love Again (Hey Kid)
The Alarmists - Some Things Never Stop
Arctic Monkeys - Cigarette Smoke
Art Brut - Formed A Band
The Dandy Warhols - I Love You
The Dandy Warhols - Minnesoter
The Dandy Warhols - Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth
Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang
Duplomacy - Coppertone
Duplomacy - Stars
Fiery Furnaces - Here Comes The Summer
The Futureheads - Return Of The Beserker
Graham Coxon - Time For Heroes (Libertines cover)
Halloween, Alaska - Call It Clear
Halloween, Alaska - I Can't Live Without My Radio (LL Cool J Cover)
Ice Cube - Child Support
Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
Ice Cube - Smoke Some Weed
Ice Cube (Ft. Snoop Dogg & Lil Jon) - Go To Church
Imogen Heap – “Hide & Seek” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
The Libertines - Mayday
The Libertines - The Delaney
LL Cool J - I Can't Live Without My Radio
Oasis - Cigarettes & Alcohol (live 1994 @ The Metro, Chicago)
Oasis - Married With Children (live electric)
Oasis - To Be Someone (Noel Gallagher live solo)
Primal Scream - Country Girl
Radio 4 - Absolute Affirmation
Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees (live)
Radiohead - High and Dry (live @ Glanstonbury 1997)
Radiohead - Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd Cover)
Radiohead and Panzah Zandahz - Creep
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
The Replacements - Beer For Breakfeast
The Replacements - Fuck School
Robotboy - I Can't Remember
Robotboy - Didn't Want It Anyway
Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean - Hips Don't Lie
Shine - "Ashbury" (Morgan Page Downtempo Remix)
Shine - "One Day" (Morgan Page Remix)
SOUND team - Don't Turn Away
SOUND team - Movie Monster
SOUND team - The Fastest Man Alive
SOUND team - Your Eyes Are Liars
SSLYBY - House Fire
Tina Turner - Private Dancer
Wax Poetic Feat. Norah Jones – “Angels” (Morgan Page Remix)
We Are Scientists - Can't Lose
White Light Riot - Bitter Beginning
White Light Riot - Out of Sight

Total mp3s: 50
Avg per post: 2
Avg per day: 1.67

Embedded YouTube clips:

Lily Allen - Smile (TOTP)
Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push
Noel Gallagher - To Be Someone (Jam Cover)
Radiohead - Idioteque (live)
Thom Yorke - Black Swan (creative video)
The Strokes - You Only Live Once

Flickr Photo Galleries:

The Alarmists CD Release Party
Arctic Monkeys LA
Fiery Furnaces
LA June 2006
Radio 4
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
SOUND team
We Are Scientists

Favorite rock 'n' roll stock photo posted:

The Replacements
(The Replacements)

Favorite live rock 'n' roll photo posted (taken by me):

Radio 4 live @ Triple Rock 6/23/06
(Radio 4)

Favorite live rock 'n' roll photo posted (NOT taken by me, and actually not from this month, but it's a good excuse to post it again):

The Sounds
(The Sounds - Photo courtesy of Brody McCoy)

Favorite Babe of the World Cup:

Other Favorite Babe of World Cup:

Miss World Cup - Kera-Rachel Cook

Favorite picture of soccer hooligans:

Victoria and a new friend @ The Brass Monkey

Favorite mp3 of the month (tie):
Primal Scream - Country Girl
Tina Turner - Private Dancer

Blogger pool World Cup standings as of 6/30/06, provided by the ab-fab

62 points : scatter o' light
58 points : analog giant
55 points : i am fuel, you are friends
54 points : rock 'n' roll star
52 points : extrawack! / let's kiss and make up / simon metz
48 points : letter never sent / [abridged]
46 points : total positive / the view from yoorp
43 points : veritas lux mea
38 points : false 45th
37 points : palms out sounds
30 points : spit up and shut down
25 points : spinachdip nyc

My Top 10 artists (overall at the moment) according to

01. Pet Shop Boys
02. Arctic Monkeys
03. The Strokes
04. Gnarls Barkley
05. SOUND team
06. John Lennon
07. The Beatles
08. Klee
09. The Cribs
09. Pulp

Song most downloaded:

The Dandy Warhols - I Love You

OK, I better stop right here... this could go on for hours. Happy Canada Day, Happy 4th of July! Thanks for reading my lonely ole' blog! I'll leave you with this tune:

mp3: The Futureheads - Decent Days And Nights (Shy Child Remix)

- Steve

P.S. And as always, please "Help the Muthafuckin Aged":

P.P.S. I'll miss you Top of The Pops! Go Art Brut!... "Let's all take a Holiday":

P.P.P.S. Yeah, I realize Madonna is totally lip-synching in that one... but hey, who give a !@#$%! You should only be that cool/hot!??? Right, Brianna?


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That Madonna video is hilarious! Popstar dancing has come a really long way! Nice post brother!

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