Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wish You Were Here


I wasn't feeling well yesterday and wound up taking the day off work. I watched soccer and listened to Radiohead most the day. I had forgotten how great this band really is... very jealous my sister gets to see them in LA in a couple of weeks. Luckily, I think she'll grace us with a guest review. Here are few tunes I ran across yesterday:

mp3: Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees (live)
mp3: Radiohead - High and Dry (live @ Glanstonbury 1997)
mp3: Radiohead - Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd Cover)
mp3: Radiohead and Panzah Zandahz - Creep

Radiohead live on YouTube: Idioteque
(I love this performance as my dancing skills are similar to Thom's)

More Radiohead on The Hype Machine and YouTube.

In other news:

Anybody check out the We Are Scientists video / multimedia blog? Here's an excerpt "A Tour of The Bus". Kinda' funny...

We Are Scientists / The Fiery Furnaces perform @ First Avenue this Friday 6/23/06. I'll be in attendance. First live show for me in a while...

Today's the BIG day for the US Soccer team! I picked both the US and Italy to win in the World Cup blogger pool. Hope I'm right.

Miss World Cup - Kera-Rachel Cook

Miss World Cup Pictures. Togo won.

- Steve

P.S. The music/mp3 blogging bible clearly states "Thou shallt post on Radiohead". I've fulfilled the requirement with this post ;)


queenvick said...

Yo :) So, I'm debating if I should become an educated Radiohead Concert goer or a Virgin Eared RAdiohead concertgoer. I would just like to point out that either way...I am a concert goer! Yeah baby! I will definitely write a review...yikes that's a lot of pressure!

rocknrollstar said...

Thanks for rubbing it in once again ;)

Either way I'm sure you'll have a great time at the show... Make sure you bring your camera!

I'll say "Hi" to We Are Scientist guy @ First Ave for you tonight ;)

- Steve

Porridge said...

Something's wrong with the world when your sister (who doesn't know any Radiohead) gets to go. I've seen them twice and both shows are my Top 10 list.
Thought you'd enjoy this.

Andrea said...

In case you weren't jealous enough already, here's a write-up of their show in Chicago by one of my favorite critics.

rocknrollstar said...

Porridge: Yeah, that show should blow my sister's mind... hopefully it's as good as the Arctic Monkeys ;) Thanks for the link... ha ha, awesome!

Andrea: The link you provided goes to a Strib article "7 arrested in alleged plot against Sears Tower, other U.S. buildings"... What are you trying to say!??? I actually tried to get tix to the Chicago show...

Thanks for the comments peeps!

- Steve

Andrea said...

Wow, that was the totally wrong thing, haha. Here, try this.

rocknrollstar said...

Ahh, much better... thanks Andrea!