Thursday, June 29, 2006

Robotboy / Halloween, Alaska

Alert! A couple of my favorite local bands are playing live gigs in Minneapolis tonight. Do go check them out (you non-local readers should still sample the tunes, since they may be coming to a town near you soon):



Playing @ Hexagon Bar tonight w/Black Rabbits (ex-Cher UK; from Kansas City), the New Vintage, Conner (Lawrence, KS)

I love these guys 'cause they remind me of The Clash... They rock...

mp3: Robotboy - Didn't Want It Anyway
mp3: Robotboy - I Can't Remember

Robotboy Website
Robotboy MySpace
Related: Last time I saw these guys I met Miss MN (and she was not that hot).

Halloween, Alaska

Halloween, Alaska

LocalHipster (love this site) presents them live @ Solera tonight, to wrap up their SolSession series which has featured The Hopefuls, The Owls, and Happy Apple amongst others. I've never been, but it sounds like a really cool event (City Pages A-list pick)

mp3: Halloween, Alaska - Call It Clear
mp3: Halloween, Alaska - I Can't Live Without My Radio (LL Cool J Cover)

Both of these tunes and the rest of their material is awesome...

Halloween, Alaska Website
Halloween, Alaska MySpace


mp3: LL Cool J - I Can't Live Without My Radio

For more local info check out

I may try to make it to either, both, or neither... crazy week...

- Steve


Lizzy said...

I love HA, they're incredible. Did you ever listen to Love-Cars as well?

rocknrollstar said...

Lizzy: Nope, I'll have to check into that...