Thursday, June 15, 2006

To be someone

I'll be honest, I've got nothing today. Had to help my Dad move large pieces of office furniture last night. Tennis a couple of days ago, moving stuff yesterday... Ouch, I'm going to be sore later.

I did find the following video on YouTube. It's Noel Gallagher covering The Jam's "To Be Someone". I remember getting goosebumps when he played this live on Oasis' Be Here Now Tour.


Here's a live version of the song recorded in Chicago (a show I attended) around 1995. Noel forgets part of the lyrics... classic, I think you'll like it:

mp3: Oasis - To Be Someone (Noel Gallagher live solo)

And coz' I love my readers, here's a bonus:

mp3: Oasis - Married With Children (live electric)

Perhaps I should start posting more Oasis b-sides and live tracks, no? I got a lot. Let me know...

- Steve


c said...

do you have an mp3 of him playing that? i love noel solo acoustic stuff.

rocknrollstar said...

C: Actually, I do... too tired to post it last night. I'll let you know when it's up.


c said...


rocknrollstar said...

It's up...

c said...

awesome, thanks so much!

i would love to hear more oasis rarities. i have some, but not a fanatical amount.

trish said...

please please please post more oasis--thanks:)