Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Morgan Page

Morgan Page

I actually really like MySpace. For finding out about new music, bands, and related info, it really is one of the greatest things to happen to music in a long time. Yesterday I had a friend-request from Morgan Page. Yeah, never really heard of him either... I checked out his profile and turns out he's a pretty talented producer / remixer / DJ. I also discovered he's the guy behind the now infamous "Cease And Desist" Mix CD, which you may have heard some tracks off before. Accoring to Morgan's Press Release, it's the first white-label house music album ever and features house music versions of popular tracks from artists including David Bowie, Esthero, Sam Phillips, Tegan & Sara, The Kills, and Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones.

Here's what other people had to say about the album:

"Insane. I am loving it. using like half the tracks on there in sets...right up my alley."- Kaskade

"A mighty impressive presentation. Well done."- Bob Mould

"Amazing. You won't want to miss this release!" -

"A perfect blend of electronic and pop. I can't stop playing "Walking with a ghost", it's an incredible track."- Colette

More praise here.

Cease And Desist

CEASE AND DESIST - Tracklisting:

01. Esthero – “We Are In Need Of A Music Revolution” (Intro Edit)
02. Coldplay – “White Shadows” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
03. Tegan & Sara – Walking With A Ghost” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
04. Imogen Heap – “Hide & Seak” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
05. Sam Phillips – “If I Could Write” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
06. The Kills – “The Good Ones” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
07. Hyperboreal – Tijuana For Dummies” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
08. David Bowie – “New Killer Star” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
09. Antone Dvorak – “Symphony #9” (Morgan Page Remix)
10. Wax Poetic Feat. Norah Jones – “Angels” (Morgan Page Remix)

Here are my couple of favorites (they're all pretty cool, though):

mp3: 04. Imogen Heap – “Hide & Seek” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)

mp3: 10. Wax Poetic Feat. Norah Jones – “Angels” (Morgan Page Remix)

"Cease And Desist" is available as a FREE download via Morgan's official website and MySpace.

Check it out, see if you like it... I really do. It just may get your next party really hoppin'...

A couple of other new remixes:

mp3: Shine - "Ashbury" (Morgan Page Downtempo Remix)
mp3: Shine - "One Day" (Morgan Page Remix)

Lots more goodies on his official website and MySpace.

- Steve


Eric said...

I've met some very cool people through MySpace, too. I met Morgan Page through different channels, though. His Angels remix was making the rounds a couple years ago. He posted a free download of it on, and I featured it on Knobtweakers. He contacted me because of that feature, and I've posted several other tracks, since then, and even had him do a DJ set at a club here in Salt Lake. Cease and Desist has been rocking the clubs, and his new remixes are just as good!

dove95 said...

That's one of the best mixes I've heard for a song. Whatever this dude to Immi's song, he still maintains its honest integrity, but it's really mixed well. That's awesome!