Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm your private dancer

The Futureheads
(The Futureheads live @ Fine Line Music Cafe 6/11/05)

Get this. I actually got out and engaged in some physical exercise yesterday! Yeah, played Tennis against my brother and got my ass kicked royaly 6-0 and 6-3. Actually I didnt' play too badly, just a bit rusty... those passing shots looked a lot easier during the French Open. Federer, I feel your pain.

A few things going on, so a bit of a "scattered" post today:

> Do head over to Scatter o' Light and download some live Coldplay from the Isle of Wight Festival last weekend. They covered Lou Reed's "Perfect Day"; need I say more?

> CityPages cover story today The Pitchfork Effect is a great read. Did you know Pitchfork "began as the project of a self-admitted slacker from the Twin Cities suburbs. Nineteen-year-old Ryan Schreiber"? I bet you didn't; interesting, huh? Also covered in the article, mandatory of course, CYHSY and Tapes 'n Tapes.

> Some good new music came out yesterday. I'll focus on one of my favorites, The Futureheads. I love these boys... 'seen them 4 times in the last couple of years, more than some local bands, actually. Here's my favorite track so far from their new album News and Tributes:

mp3: The Futureheads - Return Of The Beserker

The Futureheads will be playing locally @ Varsity Theater 7/30/06 (not w/Tapes 'n Tapes). Do check them out live.

> I'm all World Cup at the moment. I hardly even know other sports are going on, actually. Then again, last night's Twins win against the Red Sox (featuring a walk-off Grand Slam in extra innings) may just turn their season around (hopefully). I've mentioned that I'm a Red Sox fan and a live with a Yankees fan, right!?

> The Current is continuing their pledge drive this week. If you support great music and public radio, I highly suggest you contribute today. Where else are you going to hear the bands I post about (especially the local stuff)?!

Tina Turner

> Last but not least. Once in a while I do this. I'll tell you a little secret... the first real "rock 'n' roll" show I ever saw was Tina Turner @ Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria, in like 1985 (yes, I'm old). Go ahead, laugh, I don't mind. Anyway, I still like a lot of Tina's music and of course her legs. This tune truly is a classic (in my mind at least):

mp3: Tina Turner - Private Dancer

Gotta' go, lots of great live music on TV.

Take care brothers of South Central,
- Steve


Anonymous said...

The backing band on the song Private Dancer is actually Dire Straits (The tune was written by guitarist Mark Knopfler.)

Interestingly, the lead guitar on the track is actually Hal Lindes, who was the rhythm guitarist in Dire Straits.

Tina's amazing vocal on the song was done in one take!

Check out the August 2006 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine for more info on the Private Dancer album and Dire Straits.

rocknrollstar said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the info! Learn something new everyday...