Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I like Chopin

Bananarama - Venus

I absolutely love shit like this: Over 1,400 music videos from the 80's for your streaming pleasure (via MetaFilter). A pretty nice collection, enjoy...

Here's a cheesy one I really like from '83, just re-discovered:

Gazebo - I like Chopin

Damn, this one and that one bring back memories as well... OMG, I'll probably be on this website all day today.

Trivia: What was the 2nd video ever played on MTV? Answer here.

Congrats! Local blogger Brianna is in the NY Times story "Memories of the Replacements, a Band That Could, but Didn't" today. (bugmenot)

Related: The Replacements live in the 7th Street Entry 1981.

- Steve

Update: Looks like Pitchfork likes YouTube quite a bit as well...

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rocknrollstar said...

Sorry folks, didn't expect this 80's video thing to be all over the internet today...

- Steve