Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Weekend in Review - Miss Minnesota!?

What a great weekend! Unfortunately this week has been crazy busy, therefore I haven't gotten to this until now...

Friday started out with a bang! My brother and sister-and-law found out the sex of their baby which is due January 5, 2005. It's a GIRL!!! Congratulations again, to them! So I'll have a niece soon...

Friday evening I headed out to catch the Robotboy CD Release party show @ the Uptown Bar. It was a packed house and Robotboy was in fine form. If you've never seen them before (or heard of them) they sound a lot (!) like The Clash. If I had closed my eyes at the show I would have thought it was Joe Strummer up on the stage. We missed the opening band Retribution Gospel Choir, however caught the final band of the night Divorcee who were also quite good. Unfortunately for the band most people had cleared out after Robotboy.

Actually I didn't catch much of Divorcee either as one of the girls I was talking to outside on the patio turned out to be Miss Minnesota! Once again, you never know who you're going to run into... crazy stuff, she introduced herself as "Mandi" which of course is not her real name. You can read more about her here. All in all it was a good time hanging out with her. Nope, she isn't single (I inquired of course), nor my type actually...

The whole night at the Uptown Bar seemed like a big house-party actually. Yes, it was that crazy/good. Here are a couple of pictures from the evening:

RobotBoy - live

Me, Queenvick, Deathblow

Miss Minnesota (Karyn Stordahl), Me

All the hooligans in one picture!

Saturday was my sister's last weekend night in Minneapolis/St. Paul. To celebrate we started out at Buffalo Wild Wings and sampled lots of meat-products. After that we headed out to to Brit's Pub in downtown Minneapolis and met up with many good friends. A great time was had by all.

Pictures from Saturday evening:

Sunday we had a nice family dinner which was delicious. Queenvick and I also biked over to the suburb of Fridley all the way to the Mississippi. Queenvick's bike seat really sucked! I hope her behind has recovered by now!? The weekend was concluded by watching the series-finale of Six Feet Under. Fucking brilliant conclusion to the show! You can download the amazing closing tune to the show @ Stereogum. I highly recommend you do!

All the recent visitors have gone back to their homes now. Nice to hear you made it back to NYC in one piece Queenvick. Missing you already...

Thank you Anglophiliac for your most excellent "Hello Cleveland! A Mix with Balls" Vol 1 & 2 mix CDs! Absolutely fuckin' rockin'!!!

Thing I forgot #1: This picture... it's classic! Queenvick dancing (or attempting to) with Ringo, aka Rock n Roll Dog. Enjoy...

Thing I forgot #2: My parents had a little party for some friends on Friday. I was over to crash the party very briefly. Here are a few pictures:

And this was supposed to be a "short post"!!! More stuff to come later today...

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