Friday, August 19, 2005

Past week in review - the rest

Gift of the week courtesy of Thomas and Veronika:

This new sign is hanging by my front door of my house. Does it remind you of anybody? Yeah, I thought so, looks just like Ringo, aka Rock n roll dog:

2 other things that happened this past week:

  • As mentioned before I went to a 50th Wedding Anniversary party last Sunday. The part I didn't tell you is that I went there on Saturday by accident first! I got all dressed up and arrived at the Summit Avenue mansion only to find out I was 24 hours early... pretty embarrassing I have to say. Reading an invitation is hard...

  • As I spoke Deutsch pretty much all weekend... Every Monday I have a meeting with some of the people in my department at work. Well, this last Monday, I by accident started talking in German at this meeting! My co-workers thought I had completely lost it... Again, pretty funny though (thinking back on it now)...

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. My sister is heading back to NYC on Monday so I'll try to hang out with her quite a bit, perhaps even teach her some culture! I shall return next week. There will probably be a lot more content, less pictures, as things will be back to normal... And a lot more music stuff...

Have a great weekend everybody. Prost!

1 comment:

indianatom said...

Hi Rocknrollstar!

Very nice pictures! We had a great time at your place and I fully agree we ate a lot & the weather was really perfect!

Just returned from part II of our planned (but disturbed)vacation week. Still had no time to post yet but I am working on it!

Thanks again for having us and we are looking forward to see you again soon!

Veronica & Tom