Sunday, August 14, 2005

Vienna - a photo documentary of day one

Alright folks, our flight back just hit the ground and here's the Vienna-in-pictures blog I promised. I'll just follow the days we spent in Vienna and document what we've done:

Starting out, we flew into Vienna at Monday, August 8th, 2005 and the first obstacle was to understand that Viennese public transportation system. Whenever you should fly into Vienna, you'll for sure have fun with that, too :). Luckily, the Viennese are more than friendly and will assist you, dum tourist as you are, in finding your ways...

We arrived latish so all we did was explore the Hotel and get some dinner.

The next day, we started out freshly and headed into Vienna city, first stop: The "Wiener Staatsoper" (opera). Crowded as always and since they were on summer-break, there was going on some minor construction work (welcome to Europe :) ).

The funny part was that we ran into two girls we met on the flight the day before, so we all decided to merge teams and explore the city together. First thing the girls did discover was... OF COURSE... the next candy store ;)

Afterwards, we just walked around a little... I think this city doesn't need to be commented.... just gorgeous!

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rocknrollstar said...

Wow, being a tourist in Vienna with not one, not two, but three women... sounds exhausting! Is Vienna totally out of chocolate now?