Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Steve the..."Tennis ACE!?"...

Yes, it is my "Premier" entry and therefore I must make sure to rip on our eversofamous host as much as I can! It is true that "rocknrollstar" is quitting his "nic" habit and is practically on his way to "superathlete" -- watch out Roger Federer...I mean John McEnroe...I mean Billie Jean King!! Yeah, she'd probably still kick your "buttissimo"!

Check him out not so long ago on his **th birthday not so long ago...it's about time his raquet gets a little workout!



rocknrollstar said...

Wow, I swear I'm still not used to other people posting stuff! I do really appreciate it however; thanks, great job Floyd!

Ahhhh, I love when people show me some love and rip on me (it keeps me level with the common folk). Good stuff! I couldn't do it any better myself.

P.S. Floyd, I have a very good idea how to give that raquet a little workout! And it doesn't even a require a Tennis court...

Thanks again for the post. Keep up the good work!

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