Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hello Cleveland!

I just wanted to share the excellent mix cd(s) Anglophiliac gave me last Saturday. They're called "Hello Cleveland! A mix with balls" (Vol1 & 2), and really fuckin' rock! (Artwork above - pretty creative, huh?).

In case you're not familiar with band-mate Anglophiliac, he introduced himself on 7/1/05 (took me a while to find that one in the archive). He's a great friend and co-worker, and also one of the guys who goes to most the live-shows with me (along with the rest of the "entourage"). Also, he's the guy responsible for about 75% of my music collection over the past couple of years. Yes, he's a self-proclaimed "music addict" and also the person who gets me into soooo many great bands. To summarize, he's a really great guy, however way tooooo modest about his musical knowledge. As the mix CDs are great I thought I'd share them with you:

Hello Cleveland! (Vol 1)

Hello Cleveland! (Vol 2)

Pretty awesome, huh!??? Thanks again, Anglophiliac! Anybody who'd like a copy leave me a comment or email me! I wish I had my own server... I'd post all the mp3's for you...

P.S. I hope I got all the bands' links right (I don't have hours to investigate)... If I screwed up any let me know!


queenvick said...

I want a copy!!! I need it for my looooonnng drive! :)

rocknrollstar said...

Will do!