Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wien bei Nacht

Vienna at night - suburb of Grinzing
America's most eligible Austro-American bachelor here! Yeah, I'm back... Thanks for the posts from the other band-mates! Great stuff party people!

This post is pretty much just for BronxByNight and his fiancee who are currently vacationing in my home-town of Vienna, Austria. However, anybody who might end up there at some point might find the following interesting. BronxByNight, aka Jan, wanted to know what to do in Vienna after "dark". So, the vampire that I am, here's the info:

  • In the summer it is required to go out to "Grinzing" (a suburb of Vienna near the famous Vienna Woods) and visit a "Heurige" restaurant/pub! These "Heurige" offer very traditional Austrian food, and wine brewed right in the area. Often they also offer live music entertainment... to make the story very short, people eat, drink, and sing a lot there! A more old-fashioned version of "Karoake"... For an example of such a Heurige, go here, for a complete directory of more Viennese pubs go here.
  • In the city of Vienna itself I would definitely recommend checking out the area called "Das Bermuda Dreieck" (The Bermuda Triangle), which is located near Stephansdom and the Graben area in the 1st district. This "Bermuda Triangle" contains a vast number of excellent "Lokale" (pubs) which you should definitely sample a couple of. Having an original "Budvar" (Budweiser) is a requirement for any tourist visiting Vienna! In this area you will also find live-music venues and discos. I'd really recommend the live-music clubs, however I'd stay away from the discos (clubs). The average age of people inside discos in Vienna is about 14 and you'll pay about $10 (or Euros) for a decent drink... 'nuff said.
  • Edit: In the Bermuda Triangle I highly recommend "Krah Krah" (I once picked up a group of 15 French women there, no kidding!) or Schwimmende Pyramide (home of the world's strongest beer, 32% alcohol),... Damn, that's all the names I remember, all the Lokale in that area are pretty cool though...
  • This one you can do during the day as well... You have to visit the "Prater" (amusement park) near the center of the city, and go on the "Riesenrad" (giant ferris wheel). The view from atop this giant ferris wheel is amazing (similar to the one in London)! After the "Riesenrad" head over to the restaurant inside the "Prater" called "Schweizerhaus" (Swiss House). It's one of the most famous restaurants in all of Austria. Check out their website, I don't think I need to say a whole lot more... except for, drink more Budvar!
  • I just thought about something to do during the day for a change. You should take public transportation out to the "Alte Donau"/"Donau-Insel" (Old Danube/Danube Island) area and rent a bike. All sorts of great trails out in that area, leading you around the famous Danube river. Best part of this it, you'll also cruise by quite a few beaches (42 KM of beaches to be exact!)... so wear a swimsuit; then again you'll also cruise through quite a few "FKK" (Nude) beaches... trust me, this is entertainment you will not forget (hopefully in a good way)! You can also rent boats, canoes, sailboats, etc., there. Here's some more info on all that stuff...
  • You absolutely have to go to a Viennese Cafe. I recommend once a day at the minimum. The most famous one in Vienna is probably Hotel/Cafe Sacher (know for the Sacher Torte), but pretty much all of them are decent, and there's one on every block.
  • Speaking of stuff on every block, you have to eat lots of Italian Ice Cream while in Vienna! Personally, just thinking about this ice-cream is killing me right now (you have to remember I just quit smoking about 2 weeks ago, and ice-cream is a great replacement drug).
  • For more info on all the sights and sounds of Vienna, just ask the people there! They're really friendly and will definitely help you out... they're just like me, ya know!
All other "touristy" stuff you can find on the internet, hotel brochures, travel books, and so on. I'm off to go to bed. Enjoy Wien! Prost und Mahlzeit!

P.S. I'll be back later on today or Friday with music/ entertainment/ personal/ other news...

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