Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Queenvick going solo

So it was just a question of time before one of my "band mates" would leave the band. Well, that time has arrived. Queenvick's (the thesbian of this site) blog went "live" today, way to go girl! For those of you who don't know, Queenvick, aka Victoria, is my sister currently residing in NYC with her boyfriend Lucas.

I'm actually very happy she started her own blog as its a lot easier for the rest of the family and friends to track down where she's currently residing or where she is currently visiting. For example if you visit her site at the moment, you'll find pictures from Minnesota, NYC, Boston, and Toronto, Canada... and she's moving to LA in a couple of weeks!

Congrat's Queenvick, great site! We'll look forward to regular updates on what you're up to!

I've added links to her site in the right side-bar, so show her some love and visit her site on a regular basis. Or you can also check out her more "professional" website She'll still remain a part-time "band mate" on this site, so if she has something extraordinary to post she can... See, I don't behave like Liam all the time!

P.S. There are actually more pictures of my sister on my site than are of me, I think!


queenvick said...

Hey! Thanks for the love brotha! :) That was a really nice entry. Eventually I'll post more pics of my travels, but I'll have to decide how far back I want to go...hope you're working right now! :) Actually it's before noon, so probably not! :)

rocknrollstar said...

As mentioned in the post, "I don't behave like Liam all the time!

Yes, I am working right now! As for the "before noon" statement... actually pretty close... I am close to a Vampire!