Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Weekend in review, better late than never

So I think I'm bummed out since I missed one of my favorite groups last weekend, The White Stripes. However, the show must go on! I really haven't felt like updating so far this week, things have been kinda' crazy. Plus, Hurricane Katrina (such a pretty name don't you think?) really puts everything into perspective. My personal news seem very unimportant at the moment. My thoughts are with you, people of Louisiana (and adjacent areas)... Just got back from my company's "Summer Party" which was held at one of the Presidents' houses! Nice pad! Not quite as nice as mine though; I think MTV Cribs is coming by my pad to do a little "shoot" next week...

My weekend was quite good, over "like that" though! I hate that. Here's what I did:

Originally Friday I had just planned to mp3 my CD collection and watch Bill Maher Show... however, some of my neighbors a couple of houses down decided to have a bond-fire. My buddy "V" had also joined me at my house as he had to use my computer for some rental-related issues. To make a long-story-short, the night was quite entertaining, at least until the "hard booze" started flowing. Somehow I woke up in my own bed that night!?... Good times, here are a couple of pics:

Saturday started out quite mellow. My buddy "V" came over again to use the computer. We decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and drinks as we were waiting to meet up with a friend from out of town. Friend-from-out-of-town got sidetracked, so we wound up hanging out for quite a while (no big deal Metalfan). After this I met up with my dear friend "K-girl" and we listened to a lot of Mint Royale (Song #2, "The Effect On Me", on the new CD is amazing) and discussed politics. Great night... sorry no pics! Even if I had some, I probably couldn't/wouldn't post them!???

As you may know I'm into excercising, especially biking lately. Well, Sunday my Dad and I went biking in the Fort Snelling area. Yes I made it out, even after a quite late night on Saturday. The biking was great! It's absolutely beautiful there... close to the airport too, so you can see planes land virtually over your head! Amazing what Mpls/St. Paul has to offer and things that I didn't know where there. Here are some of the pics:

That's all I'm telling you for today! The rest is on pay-per-view. Cheers!

P.S. The picutre of me with the fire in the background, aka the "Get behind me satan" picture... is this an omen of where I'll end up??? I think so; perhaps I'll see some of you there!


indianatom said...

Hi rocknrollstar!

Is it already that cold in Mpls/St. Paul that you need to make a warming fire? Anyway beautiful fire and I´m sure w´ll meet some "cool" guys in hell!

Very nice pics from your bike trip! I missing the rocknrolldog!
Had a day off?


Adam said...

What's up captain? Just wanted to give you a shout-out; hope you didn't stay too late at the ol' luau up in Fridley, although it 'twas quite the shindig.

...apparently I have a account from many moons ago. Crazy.

To end this rant of a FP, I'll contribute the following:

(ps. grr, I don't think it lets a guy use html in comments)

queenvick said...

Hmm, I seem to recognize the purple bike...I hope Dad could walk the next day since that seat is like sitting on a rock. :)Nice pics (drunkard heehe)

rocknrollstar said...

Indiana Tom,
Yeah, actually it's been getting pretty cool here in the evenings. Almost feels like fall already.
Nope, no day off yet... I'll say "Hi" to Ringo for you!

Thanks for the comment! Love the picture-link... the 3 guys pictured look very cool!

"Ahem"...That's "Mr." Drunkard!